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Obedience Training

You’ll learn essential skills like getting and keeping your dog’s attention, teaching your dog to walk on a leash, and classics such as sit, down, and stay.

Puppy Training

Come and socialize your puppy with people and other dogs. Teach patience, self control, and acceptance of authority to your new best friend.

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Reactive Dog Training

A reactive dog overreacts to a dog, person, or object. We’ll be there for you as you learn how to give your dog the tools he needs to navigate life.

Working with Summer and Puppy Perfectors literally changed our day-to-day life with our dog Kodiak. As novice dog owners, we rescued a Blue Heeler-German Shepherd mix without a second thought. After too many “close calls” on walks (i.e lunging, barking, snarling) and living with Kodiak’s high drive to protect us at home, we knew we needed significant support from an experienced professional. Enter Summer and Puppy Perfectors, who taught us how to anticipate triggers, track behavior patterns, destigmatize muzzle-training, employ proactive calming & redirection strategies, and help us navigate the world of “behavior modification vs. behavior training”. Daily effort & consistency are required on our part as dog owners, but thanks to Summer and the team at Puppy Perfectors, we got to keep Kodiak as a family member. Top recommendation!
Emily & Gabe Albacarys

Dog adopters

“Every dog gets the attention and education they deserve. Awesome place to bring a dog to play, socialize and get trained!”

Hertzi S.

Dog person

Summer Frazier

Summer Frazier

Owner & Instructor

Summer Frazier educates and assists dog owners in developing a relationship with their pets that enables them to enjoy many happy and rewarding years together. Read more.

Listen Here Orientation

Listen Here Orientation

Facility rules

Click to view the Listen Here Orientation – a quick slideshow that covers rules for the building, what to bring to class and where to wait when you arrive.

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