So, you have a new puppy. They’re a lot of work, right? Would you like 4 hours of peace and quiet and a tired puppy? We have what you are looking for! 

Monday through Wednesday, puppies 10-15 weeks are dropped off at 9 and picked up at 1. They will get to work on appropriate play with other puppies, get started on learning basic manners, walking on a leash, exposure to new and novel items, they will be introduced to being handled in order to prepare them for the groomer, vet, or just basic husbandry that may happen at home, and they’ll take field trips to the pet store next door. 

Puppy Day Camp is not a substitute for training, more of a supplement. This is a good way to jumpstart training and make training with you and your family easier, but you and your family will have to put in work to mold your puppy into the family member you want.

All puppies should be familiar with crate training as they will spend time in a crate.

All puppies are required to be up to date on all age-appropriate vaccinations.

Prepaid passes that can be applied to scheduled reservations are available. Our prepaid pass cancellation policy applies to Day Camp passes.